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Expires in: Permanent
Muted by: TyshowUri
Muted at: 7 September 2020 01:18:01 AM
Reason: cursing

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ID Reason By On
1 Trolling, Breaking Rules, and Annoying people. Vyral 20:17:20 13/03/17
2 Spamming Tpas KittyPawsss 21:32:07 19/07/17
3 Don't spam tpas AquaKat 21:54:15 19/07/17
4 Putting fake items on /ah and claiming their rpg items is not tolerated PlaydateWithBirb 05:08:29 26/07/17
5 Placing inappropriate signs is not allowed PlaydateWithBirb 06:26:27 27/07/17
6 you've been jailed for placing inappropriate signs all over the red road PlaydateWithBirb 06:35:06 27/07/17
7 Placing signs with curse words anywhere is against the rules. Keep them PG. ShiningSolo 13:03:48 27/07/17
8 do not lie to staff and try and get free stuff. HeIghast 07:25:15 31/07/17
9 only one ad per page please FiredCards 00:37:15 10/02/19
10 please keep it pg and do not curse please TyshowUri 01:17:35 07/09/20
11 you were muted and jailed for cursing and being rude and a troll TyshowUri 01:18:41 07/09/20

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