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ID Reason By On Length Unbanned By At

Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At
1 Don't swear and spam Callalitha 07/02/19 1 week Console 31/01/19
2 Spamming, after having been warned several times before BritishBonnie 13/02/19 3 days Console 10/02/19

Previous Warnings
ID Reason By On
1 This is a family friendly server. Do not try your luck. BritishBonnie 18:38:30 27/01/19
2 Do not swear. Callalitha 17:13:02 31/01/19
3 Do not spam just to get answered faster BritishBonnie 09:33:11 09/02/19
4 be appropriate and dont spam FiredSalt 19:28:34 09/02/19
5 Don't grief other people's builds in creative to leave it a mess FiredSalt 04:44:39 11/02/19
6 do not use saved toolbars to cheat unobtainable blocks into creative FiredSalt 05:39:33 11/02/19
7 Please do not build inappropriate things. Read the /rules MiraBerry 15:42:45 14/02/19