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1 xray hacks PlaydateWithBirb 06:27:42 23/09/17 Permanent TyshowUri 14:14:35 14/01/18
2 Scamming people at FT's & Chest full of stacks of RPG items BritishWorm 14:08:04 20/07/21 2 weeks TyshowUri 03:24:17 22/07/21

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ID Reason By On
1 Please dont build 1x1 towers. Its against the rules. ShiningSolo 23:39:01 20/07/17
2 Please don't build AFK pools, they are not allowed Princess_Potet 15:10:26 04/03/19
3 You have too many chickens! As /rules states, you may only have 15 of each animal! moonstruckmoth 03:47:09 09/04/19
4 please stop LunaTheMoon 16:34:30 01/07/21
5 Please do not claim the /rp tp points! moonstruckmoth 22:14:41 27/07/21
6 Please do not create redstone machines that are constantly on in either main or creative world, they are not allowed. Callalitha 14:17:58 01/08/21
7 You can only have up to 15 of each mob as per our /rules. This rule also applies to pets. AmericanOtter 01:30:13 02/09/21

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