Current Server: RanchNCraft

Current Ban
Expires in: Permanent
Banned by: BritishSummer
Banned at: 11 January 2019 12:26:39 PM
Reason: Continuing to break rules after many varying punishments.

Current Mute

Previous Bans
ID Reason By On Length Unbanned By At
1 leaving signs to bypass mute and swearing on them FiredCards 19:34:07 19/12/18 5 days Console 19:34:16 24/12/18
2 Troll, bypassing mute multiple times AussieWinter 02:48:40 07/01/19 3 days Console 02:48:41 10/01/19

Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At
1 Disrespectful, causing drama in chat saltymothpng 22/12/18 3 days Console 19/12/18
2 Constantly spamming after being told not to ScampyScarlett23 29/12/18 3 days Console 26/12/18
3 You have been muted for being disrespectful and not dropping an argument when asked. LeoLuminescence 12/01/19 2 weeks Console 29/12/18

Previous Warnings
ID Reason By On
1 be nice, don't spam and don't bypass the filter FiredCards 18:53:23 19/12/18
2 Stop spamming ScampyScarlett23 15:16:50 26/12/18
3 You have been jailed for spamming in chat after being warned, bypassing your mute by communicating on signs and saying innapropriate things, as well as spamming everyones tps. ScampyScarlett23 15:36:46 26/12/18
4 Listen to staff, and stop being disrespectful. Callalitha 19:24:04 29/12/18
5 Stop spamming people with teleports BritishSummer 17:10:26 06/01/19
6 You have been jailed for breaking rules again after a fresh start, such as spamming despite being warned. BritishSummer 17:11:30 06/01/19
7 You've been jailed for bypassing your mute by writing on signs. saltymothpng 19:04:48 06/01/19
8 You have been jailed for still spam tping to people. Please learn from your mistakes and wait til your mute ends to begin playing properly again. BritishSummer 17:29:53 10/01/19