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Muted by: pandaisy_
Muted at: 11 February 2021 09:22:10 PM
Reason: Not dropping a topic when asked to and constantly being rude in chat

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1 spamming and being inappropriate Scampo 02/02/21 1 hour Console 02/02/21
2 Bypassing filter. Please keep chat Family friendly DoctorDesi 04/02/21 1 day Console 03/02/21

ID Reason By On
1 please be appropriate Scampo 21:23:29 02/02/21
2 please stop setting off the filter and saying non pg TyshowUri 21:54:43 07/02/21
3 Please follow the rules. pandaisy_ 21:01:50 11/02/21
4 Not dropping a topic when asked to pandaisy_ 21:17:33 11/02/21

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