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1 Please don't use inappropriate language in chat. nessiejpg 23:31:25 18/06/18
2 Auto spawners of anykinds are not allowed youhave been caught with one at home set levels please do no do this again or further action will be taken. TyshowUri 01:40:48 26/07/18
3 All server rules apply on the RNC discord, including in voice calls, please make sure you aren't cursing. mothmanjpg 21:11:26 06/12/18
4 Please do not place 1x1 towers. Even in the Nether. They are against the /rules MiraBerry 20:40:06 29/01/19
5 Please don't leave 1x1 towers as they are against the /rules! mothmanjpg 23:21:15 16/03/19