Current Server: Ranch'n Craft

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Expires in: Permanent
Muted by: Callalitha
Muted at: 17 October 2019 07:02:39 PM
Reason: Continually choosing to make others uncomfortable, swearing, and ignoring staff warnings, despite previous mutes.

Previous Bans
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Previous Mutes
ID Reason By On Length Unmuted By At
1 You’ve been asked to stop swearing. Read /rules moonstruckmoth 07/09/19 3 days Console 04/09/19
2 We asked you to stop multiple times. Callalitha 29/09/19 3 days Console 26/09/19
3 You've been muted for again quoting lyrics that are making people uncomfortable. Callalitha 15/10/19 1 week Console 08/10/19

ID Reason By On
1 Do not swear. Please read /rules moonstruckmoth 20:08:12 04/09/19
2 You've been asked many times to stop quoting those lyrics, they are making people uncomfortable. Please be considerate of others and follow staff's requests. Callalitha 20:41:26 26/09/19
3 Final warning on this. Callalitha 18:12:06 17/10/19
4 Please don't swear. Callalitha 18:36:45 17/10/19

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